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I’m a sucker for useful kitchen gadgets like this Ultrasonic and Ozone Vegetable/ Fruit Sterilizer from Aidentist with multiple purposes and while I would I like to say that I purchase all organic produce it is not always the case. The Ultrasonic and Ozone Vegetable/ Fruit Sterilizer is an alternative to buying all organic produce in that it removes 98.9% of pesticides, removes pesticides and disinfection from rice, clenbuterol from meat, sterilizes fish and cleans kitchen utensils such as chopping boards and knifes. This handy-dandy gadget also sterilizes baby articles and is safe enough to clean jewelry and is one of 5,000 products you can find at AiDentist.

AiDentist is a web-based on-line shop that  provides a wide range of dental product including dental equipment, endodontic products and surgery equipment. AiDentist provides state of art dental equipment such as micro motors, electric toothbrushes, dental handpiece, curing lightgs, ultrasonic scalers, ultrasonic cleaner, intraoral camera and many more products that are essential for dental practices with brands like NSK, Woodpecker, Being, Jime.  Aidentist products come with a 3-12 month warranty and if you are not satisfied with the product you are refunded 100%. If you are a dentist in need of dental equipment or a consumer such as myself into fancy gadgets Aidentist has a large team of highly trained customer service experts ready to answer your questions.

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