P62701031 An Essential Experience
I wanted to adopt this little guy!
P6290144 An Essential Experience
Visiting with the local kids before we started our day.
Costa Rica 028 1024x768 An Essential Experience
Starting out the day with big smiles.
Costa Rica 060 1024x768 An Essential Experience
After a long day of work with my roommates.
Costa Rica 152 768x1024 An Essential Experience
And we still found time to play dress-up in our hotel (before our one day off to the beach).

Five years ago to the date I had the opportunity to go to a mission trip to Costa Rica. We set up a temporary medical-clinic with the group I went with and I translated for the doctors. It has been the most memorable and satisfying experience I have ever experienced. I learned a lot about myself during my time there and also learned from the natives and the other team members. I also developed meaningful relationships in which have grown even more since than. If I had the opportunity to this more often I would do this over a vacation in a heartbeat because after all the purpose of life is to do more for others which brings me more satisfaction than anything I’ve done for myself at least in my opinion. I will never forget this experience I consider it essential for one to go out of their comfort zone and challenge themselves in order to grow, because of this experience I have realized how fortunate I am to be living in this Country thanks to our parents we did not have to grow up living in the slums of a third world country, not that I consider this a downfall by any means in fact the natives were so kind and appreciative for everything we did for them, but I don’t believe I would have been strong enough to survive what they encounter on a-day-to-day-basis. I only pray that organizations continue to help these people in need so they have the opportunity to experience a better life. For the little time I was there we helped many with oral essentials from the Dentist which included fillings and abstracting teeth in some cases and with eye exams and new glasses who were in need. I even scored a brand new set of Coach glasses in my prescription what are the odds of that? It was mind-boggling what these doctors were doing for these people I thank God for giving them intelligence and a heart to do what they did and do.

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