Hello there Lovely Ladies,

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I hope you all had a spectacular 4th of July. I (Monica) saw the most amazing show of fireflies in a 5 archer forest, and boy did they put on a show, unfortunately I could not take pictures as it was too dark. I was very disappointed as it was the best firework show that I have ever seen.

As mentioned in a previous post here that I recently attended the Pablo Picasso art exhibit in Toronto Canada and for the trip I packed some of my funkiest artsy dresses of course because I was artistically inspired. Earrings essentjewels.

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Nothing new about the one-shoulder dress only this one I really liked the print, and pockets and I knew I would be wearing this little number to some artsy occasion. Dress: BCBG

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Belt: J.Crew, J.Crew has the best belts, I own about six. Does J.Crew go wrong with anything?

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Princes of Wales Theater I’m definitely coming back here some day for entertainment.

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Taking pictures at night is extremely challenging because of the lights.
Wristlet Coach, and heels: kate spade.

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I had to take a picture of this spiky puffer fish at the restaurant we had dinner at as my husband was walking away.

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This must be the Canada Star of Fame and what do you know Pamela Andersen.

If you haven’t been to Toronto I hope you have the opportunity to, it is acclaimed as the most International city.

Thank you for stopping by my lovely friends and hope you enjoyed my little tour around Toronto.

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