TGIF Jewels,

I (Monica) have been away from home for nearly two weeks and although I have enjoyed my stay with my family and friends, and the beautiful state of California I am missing being away from home, and here are a couple of things I am missing.
dsc046071 Away from Home
The leaves changing colors.
dsc046041 Away from Home
Our complex is surrounded by bushes, creeks, and trees which means I am constantly greeted by bunnies, birds, turtles, on occasion skunks, and a lot of scrounging squirrels. I usually complain about the scrounging squirrels but these days I am missing them too.

dsc04610 Away from Home
If you have followed our blog you know how I feel about white bedding in order for me get a good night sleep I like to sleep in white bedding preferably 1000 count Egyptian cotton.
dsc04616 Away from Home
Our dog Mocha buried in her bed next to our bed.
dsc04585 3 Away from Home
And finally my little family, which also include our plants because we treat them like part of the family they have grown several feet since we bought them. I also hate to admit that I am missing tripping over my husband’s slippers which he leaves in front of the door and I constantly get on his case about.

I had to capture a moment of my husband and Mocha gazing into each other (which happens quite often) before I left.

Unfortunately, I can’t be in two places at the same time, but I truly believe I am where I am supposed to be which is in Michigan, however, California will always be home.

Hope you all have exciting plans ahead of you for the weekend, I will be celebrating harvest at the Rancho Sisquoc Winery I can’t wait to share photos.

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