27 weeks 576x1024 Baby Blues

My life has been on the go go go and I thought it was on the go before but now that we are expecting we are doing our last minute remodels on our home, buying a new car and most importantly getting his nursery ready. We have gotten new grid windows and shutters that open up his room over looking our little garden, but once I nail down the color scheme I’ll start painting. I keep on changing my mind on the color theme and the crib color. I love a white crib it feels so heavenly but loving the espresso too it has a masculine sophisticated touch. Help!!! So far I have no complaints other than seldom lower back pain due to baby growing but I did manage to get a lower back brace for us prego woman. OH!!! Yes!! A few weeks ago my belly started itching, the good news is I ordered a mambino lotion, well actually the texture is like Vaseline it’s a bit pricy but so far it’s holding up to all the hype . But I swear every time I put this on I immediately stop itching I’ll keep you posted on this little potion of magic. And thank you so much for all the LOVELY COMMENTS a big KISS to you all!!

Congratulations to  Priscilla from Sparkly Pink Lemonade who’s expecting a boy too!! And to Vera from What We Wear who’s expecting too!!

Hope you enjoy my maternity outfit.

Skirt and Blazer: H&M Skirt is elastic and will grow with my belly. Shirt: Target ( Maternity) Sunnies: House of Harlow| Shoes: Michael Kors| Purse: Gucci|

baby1 576x1024 Baby Blues


MILF Damn 576x1024 Baby Blues

baby3 576x1024 Baby Blues


27 Baby 576x1024 Baby Blues

Signature Baby Blues