DSC 02311 1024x719 Beauty Cleansing Essentials
If the Clarisonic is not part of your beauty cleansing routine already I highly recommend it. This little jewel cleanses the face 6% more than what you can do with your hands manually. I use it about four times a week that way my face does not become accustom to it and by not using it everyday I can tell the difference from the days I use it from the days I wash with my hands. I personally like that affect because it lets me know that the product is really working. You don’t have to follow my process, but you should definitely invest in this little tool if possible. I went for the regular MIA which does not include the stand because I tried to save money (big mistake).

The second product is the Shiseido Facial Cotton wipes. I will never go back to using wipes from the drug store again. The Shiseido wipes are made with 100% cotton and are the softest wipes you can use for removing make-up around the most sensitive skin around the eye. They are luxurious, gentle and deliver moisture. After using these I couldn’t believe that I was using something so rough from the drug store before. Never again will I compromise on make-up wipes. The product is made in Japan and if you have been following I have mentioned before that I am extremely faithful to buying Japan made products. They are only $9.50 and they last about 5 months which is a no brainer because I find that I am using less of them as they don’t tear as easy.

Signature Beauty Cleansing Essentials