DSC 00421 1024x678 The sweetest birthday cake!   DSC 00531 1024x678 The sweetest birthday cake!

DSC 0017 1024x678 The sweetest birthday cake!

DSC 1227 1024x678 The sweetest birthday cake!

DSC 1238 1024x678 The sweetest birthday cake!

DSC 0008 1024x678 The sweetest birthday cake!

DSC 0071 1024x678 The sweetest birthday cake!

It was a honor meeting Beatrice, founder and CEO of the chicest bake shop in Beverly Hills Baby Bea’s Bakeshop . My sister and I walked into her shop this past weekend and we both felt whisked away to Paris. The shop was airy, full of color and set up in like every girls dream! Not to mention Beatrice was a very welcoming professional who was eager to assist in any way possible. She truly made our experience magical. She was able to accommodate our choice of cake within a few hours on a short notice which made the experience even better. She also gave us a tour and we were excited to find out that she has a room decorated as lovely as her store front for women to rent out who want to have trunk shows, mixers and birthday parties. It’s accommodating to kids as well. It’s a must see!

When I arrived at home that day my family was ready to dig in as they couldn’t wait to eat this little treasure and boy was it a hit!! Most cakes look appealing only on the outside but this cake literally and figuratively speaking took the cake!! My father and husband who are the most selective couldn’t get enough, it was perfectly moist and every bite was a burst of flavor not to sweet but just perfect. She has herself some new loyal customers.

Towards the end of the conversation while in her stylish store my sister and I were talking about how can we work together in the near future, well guess what? We have a surprise for you!! Think cupcakes, champagne and jewelry!! A match made in heaven!!

You can say I had one of the best birthdays!



Signature The sweetest birthday cake!