DSC 1110 1024x678 Black Jumpsuit

Black jumpsuits are a classic piece of clothing that every woman should wear just like the LBD (little black dress ). I was going for a classy sophisticated look since jumpsuits can be a little too baggy and one way to clean up a sleeveless jumpsuit is to pair it with a long sleeve blouse.  What’s next on my shopping list? A long sleeved jumpsuit. Why?  Long sleeved jumpsuits look elegant, classy, and can also hide some less than perfect features like arms, legs or both. Also, a solid color jumpsuit like the photo above which looks great on any woman can create a continuous silhouette by the single color and lengthens the body (a win win for us petite women) thus creating a flattering profile. Small prints also do the trick for jumpsuits. A good tip when fitting jumpsuits is to ensure the fabric remains loose and draped, jumpsuits are meant to have a baggy effortless look.  As you can see  jumpsuits are a versatile piece of clothing that every woman should have and can wear during any season.

DSC 1129 1024x678 Black Jumpsuit


DSC 1136 1024x678 Black Jumpsuit

DSC 1166 1024x678 Black Jumpsuit

DSC 1168 1024x678 Black Jumpsuit

DSC 1167 1024x678 Black Jumpsuit

DSC 1203 e1397177941920 1024x432 Black Jumpsuit

DSC 1135 1024x678 Black Jumpsuit

Signature Black Jumpsuit