CSC 1122 1024x682 Blue Crush
Here I am wearing my sophisticated pink pants. It was a no brainier to get them in a trouser or cashmere but pink jeans might be pushing it for me. I don’t think I could have pulled those off. I wore these pants with a striped black and white blouse and now with a blazer. I go through many phases, and right now it’s blazers. Then I get color curious and wear one color consistently. Last year I was in love with green now not so much, maybe we’ll rekindle our love for one another and we will live forever and ever after. Take a peek!.

CSC 1124 e1366700176116 681x1024 Blue Crush

CSC 1127 e1366700271904 680x1024 Blue Crush

What do you think of our new necklace?  Pyrite and a hot pink howlite stone.  It’s great for layering and can be worn by it self.

CSC 1123 e1366700368701 682x1024 Blue Crush

As always………..

Signature Blue Crush