TGIF Jewels,

It has been two days since I have been back from California, and I am already missing being away from family, friends, and the weather of course!

Here are a couple of things I enjoyed during my stay.

dsc04638 California Recap

We are from the central coast known for its mild climate and everything is grown fresh like these veggies in this basket.
dsc047222 California Recap
Quality time with mom and dad and eating at the Far Western Tavern known for its contemporary California ranch cuisine inspired by local traditions, and featured in Sunset Magazine, and by Bobby Flay.
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Celebrated Halloween with close friends and wine tasting at our friend’s mom’s taste room: Lucia’s.

dsc04655 California Recap
The beautiful beaches of course.

 California Recap

And catching up with my best friend and dressing up for Halloween like our younger days.

I am a sucker for small town charm which is why I love the central coast there will never be a place like home.

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