DSC 21951 1024x774 Candle Essentials
I guarantee you will make your use of candles much more delightful and hassle free with these candle essentials.

DSC 23081 1024x737 Candle Essentials
Always use a Wick Trimmer to prevent fires, smoke and also because your candles will last longer. I used to use scissors, but the ashes would spill everywhere. Another benefit of using a Wick Trimmer is that once you cut the wick the ashes stay at the tip.

DSC 23051 1024x908 Candle Essentials
The candle snuffer also prevents smoke when you are ready to blow out your candles.

DSC 22951 1024x680 Candle Essentials
The nice thing about the Jo Malone candle is that lid can be used to blow out the candle so if you prefer these candles you would not need to invest in a candle snuffer.

Since I have invested in these candle essentials I find my candle experience much more pleasant and more importantly safer.

Signature Candle Essentials