This past Saturday we finally had no plans, lately it’s been celebration after celebration. I (Carolina) was looking forward to our Saturday night as mentioned here Saturday nights are my relaxing days, I can take my sweet time to cook anything I want. I know, I know, this system will probably change when I start having the kiddies, but at least we will have lovely memories to look back on. Wouldn’t you agree?

 Clams in White Wine

Scrubbed clams ready to be sautéed in white wine.

 Clams in White Wine light and healthy ingredients.

 Clams in White Wine Clams in white wine, the aroma in here is out of this world!!

 Clams in White Wine

A light and healthy dish, you can find the recipe here, since this was my first healthy pasta dish, I had to cheat a little, I added a table-spoon of butter and mascarpone cheese. This is heaven on a plate.

Happy Wednesday Ruby beauties!

Signature Clams in White Wine