DSC 05121 1024x880 DIY: Valentines Day Treats
DIY: Valentine’s day treats don’t have to be complicated, if you are like me and work full time, but still want to make it look like you put some thought into the day, chocolate covered strawberries always come to the rescue for me. I know what you are thinking, that they are somewhat cliche, believe me that thought crosses my mind every time I prepare them, but why is it every time I bite into one, I think to myself, I should be eating one of these every day, plus they are somewhat healthy.

DSC 04751 1024x933 DIY: Valentines Day Treats

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4 1024x626 DIY: Valentines Day Treats

The essentials (all the product below is in the pictures above):

Chocolate Fondue (I used Trader Joe’s: Fondue Au Chocolat)
A plastic container (for storing the strawberries)
Martha Stweart all-purpose gel adhesive
Twine (to tie the container)
Dolie (to make it look pretty)
Coffee filter (not required, but I use these to avoid a mess)

Happy Valentine’s Day Lovelies!

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