DSC 0036 1024x680 DIY: Floral Halo
The essentials:
Silk Flowers(I used freesias and peonies)
Glue gun
Naturally wired coil
Floral tape
DSC 0039 1024x680 DIY: Floral Halo
Cut the stems off the floral silk flower and make sure you cut the little bud so that the bottom of the flower is completely flat, this will make it easier for you to glue the flower on the coil wire.
DSC 0047 1024x680 DIY: Floral Halo
Cut three strands of the coil wire according to your head measurement with a little extra to tape together and braid all three strands into one.
DSC 0049 1024x680 DIY: Floral Halo
Tape the braided coil wire.
DSC 0054 1024x777 DIY: Floral Halo
Position flowers accordingly and glue as desired.
DSC 0056 1024x680 DIY: Floral Halo
I also glued green leafs in the inside of the crown for comfort.

I purchased all these items at Michael’s Crafts.

Until next time,

Signature DIY: Floral Halo