DSC 0568 1024x678 DIY: Make over deskNot your traditional desk eh? This desk is actually glass, I’ve had it for years and wanted to paint it but as I was cleaning an organizing I found this fabric I got down town L.A.  I was suppose to make a runner and napkins out of it, then I thought. Oh wait! I can make drapes for my woman cave he! Now here I am doing something completely different hopefully I get to make the runner I’ll be sure to share it with you lovelies. The steps are basic enjoy! Oh yes, the leather cuffs you asked. We are currently getting ready for another show and I’m going to add gems on these cowhide leather beauties.

DSC 0563 1024x678 DIY: Make over desk

Tape must be gorilla.

DSC 0565 1024x678 DIY: Make over deskMeasure desk.

DSC 0562 1024x678 DIY: Make over deskCut fabric

DSC 0567 1024x678 DIY: Make over desk

Just enough personality huh?


Signature DIY: Make over desk