Happy Thursday Lovelies,

Now that the weather has cooled off and it is somewhat drier my (Monica) face suffers and although I have a naturally matte look my skin tends to get drier during the fall/winter months. One of my favorite facials during the fall/winter seasons is one you can do at home yourself.

The essentials:

dsc04549 3 DIY Moisterizing  Facial


dsc04557 3 DIY Moisterizing  Facial

A ripe banana

dsc04637 3 DIY Moisterizing  Facial


dsc04558 3 DIY Moisterizing  Facial

A cucumber (optional I cut up slices and put them over my eyes).

dsc04567 3 DIY Moisterizing  Facial

The finished product.

I followed the instructions here.

I have had several facials at high-end spas, but for some reason I notice more of a difference with the facials I do at home.

I hope you give it a try as it has become essential for my beauty regimen.

Signature DIY Moisterizing  Facial