My (Monica) husband loves cookies and ice cream. I often come home to him baking cookies and he getting ready to serve them with ice cream. Today I thought I would make them with a little love. Although I would love to say that I make everything from scratch, it is not always the case, however I did manage to buy Michigan made Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches: melting Moments.

dsc05476 DIY: Valentine Treat

dsc05467 DIY: Valentine Treat

dsc05468 DIY: Valentine Treat

dsc05472 DIY: Valentine Treat

dsc05480 DIY: Valentine Treat

Yes, even men are suckers for treats in cute packaging, at least my husband is.

I bought all the essentials at Micheals craft.

Stay tune for the results of our giveaway later this evening!

Signature DIY: Valentine Treat