Happy Hump Day Lovelies,

We all should own one, you know the one that makes you feel like you landed the job. Whether slacks or a skirt suit, we all need one. The rule is which ever is the most flattering to your body type, which is why I chose the skirt.  Skirts and dresses are always more flattering on me because I am very narrow, and being narrow gives the illusion of longer legs, as do nude heels or leopard as both are very neutral.

I have worn my suit to interviews, training conferences, and through out the blog,  only I combine it with different garments.

dsc05061 Essential: Tailored Suit Navy Blue Blazer – Banana Republic you can find here, Navy Skirt – Banana Republic you can find here,  Lips – Bobbi Brown Orange  here, Striped Blouse – compliments from mom, Bag – Wilshire Monogram Louis Vuitton here, Leopard Pumps – Banana Republic here

dsc04537 Essential: Tailored Suit

picmonkey collage Essential: Tailored Suit

dsc03769 2 Essential: Tailored Suit

dsc04622 Essential: Tailored Suit

dsc02262 Essential: Tailored Suit

This is when you know that you invested well when essentials in your wardrobe become staples.

Signature Essential: Tailored Suit