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Have you seen the O’Bazzië Classics popping up on Instagram? If you haven’t you should here. These little gems will add a pop of color to any of your outfits and the structure of these satchels provide a classic finish. We personally are a fan as we are petite and are always looking for accessories that won’t overpower our small built. We were ecstatic when the master of the brand agreed to a Q & A.

essentjewels: How did the inspiration come about?

O’Bazzië Classics: In short, my motivation for starting O’Bazzië Classics was the death of my beloved grandmother, who lived in West Africa. The last time I saw her was in 2004, I was twelve years old and that was when I was relocating to America (I never got to see her again after that). After several medical attentions, she took ill and passed away last year. Living in West Africa, modern-day medication has its limitations and transporting the medically ill halfway across the world for a better treatment cost a fortune. Due to such misfortune, I was not able to bring her to America for proper medical attention – I was only a twenty-year old college kid.
One year later, In January 2013, I decided that never again would I lose a loved one because of financial misfortune. At that very moment, O’Bazzië Classics was born. Out of boredom in my engineering classes, I would randomly sketch satchels and briefcases at the corner of my paper (lol don’t even ask). I had so many crazy designs for them; I guess my creativity juices tend to flow in engineering classes. I turned my love for random satchel/briefcase sketches into a functioning company, with the sole aim of creating Simple, Well-designed, and Classic Leather Satchels with a timeless fashion personality.
Being from West Africa, I have been exposed to an enormous flavor of very diverse cultures, so therefore the cultural influence in the design and structure of O’Bazzië Satchels makes them unique and sort-after amongst fashion accessories. Also, the simplicity, yet durability of O’Bazzië Satchels adds the frosting to the cake.

essentjewels: Where are O’Bazzië Satchels designed and manufactured?

O’Bazzië Classics: O’Bazzië Satchels are home-manufactured here in the United States, in New York City.

essentjewels: What is the price range?

O’Bazzië Classics: The price ranges between $90 – $200 (depending on size).

essentjewels: When do you expect to launch the bags?

O’Bazzië Classics: The official launch is Spring 2014.

essentjewels: Where do you plan on selling them?

O’Bazzië Classics: Sales will be through our website, which is currently under construction. But our Instagram page can be used for preordering (@obazzieclassics).

essentjewels: Which three celebrities or bloggers do you see using your bags?

O’Bazzië Classics: We see O’Bazzië Satchels being used on Song of Style blog and worn among celebrities, such as: Demi lavato, David Beckham, Demi Moore, etc.

It is mind boggling when unfortunate experiences such as a death is transformed into something positive and talk about coming to the USA to pursue the American Dream! We wish O’Bazzië Classics the best with its future endeavors although we don’t see a problem with its success. The satchels are manufactrured in the USA, well designed, made with leather, have a classic structure, come in phenomenal colors and what about that price, in our opinion you can’t beat it! What more can you ask for in when investing in a bag?

And that wraps up our Q & A with O’Bazzië Classics hope you all are as excited as we are for the official launch.

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