12 Fresh Flowers
Like most women we love fresh flowers and if you are anything like us you like them in every room in the house (including bathrooms) while that can get pretty pricey quick here are some tips that I have learned. Baby Breath is very inexpensive I usually pay $3.00 for a bundle and it lasts a very long time the one pictured is going on week four. I usually can make four arrangements from one bundle depending on the vase of course. The roses on the other hand didn’t last a week these are the roses I received for Valentine’s Day I’m sure it doesn’t help that we have constant heat on during the winter, but as you can see they aren’t nearly as alive at the Baby Breath. To give the Baby Breath more personality invest in vases that have more character while I splurged on two of the five vases three of the five I purchased at the thrift store. I also prefer vases that don’t show the water because sometimes I don’t have time to change it everyday and I don’t like the dirty look of the water when I don’t. If you do happen to have clear vases you can always try this trick so that the water doesn’t show and always make sure to mix in flower food with the water when you do change it, it makes the biggest difference.

Hope you keep these tips in mind!

Signature Fresh Flowers