DSC 0153 1 931x1024 Heavenly in a Halo

Is it just me or do you also feel closer to the heavens when you are near the water? I love being near the water whether it’s the ocean or lake, I often walk to the lake down my street to get away from it all. After making this floral halo I felt an urge to wear it with a flowy dress and have my pictures taken by the lake.DSC 0143 1024x680 Heavenly in a Halo
DSC 0147 1 1024x611 Heavenly in a Halo
DSC 0154 4 937x1024 Heavenly in a Halo

Floral Halo DIY here, Ray-Ban Aviator, essentjewels ring & necklace, Lips MAC Saint Germain and Hip ‘N’ Happy Lip Liner, J.Crew Silk Dress (old-love this one) Onex Sandals (the most comfortable made in the USA sandals with Italians soles)

Signature Heavenly in a Halo