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As of today my husband and I (Monica) will be moving into our new home. After searching an entire year we finally found what we were looking for. We went from renting a 3000 square foot home four years of our marriage to renting a one bedroom apartment this last year. For one I am really glad that we rented a house before we purchased one because it gave us the opportunity to experience what we did not want from a house. The house we were in before was too big, and consumed a lot of our time maintaining it, and we decided we did not want to live our lives like that, and a one bedroom apartment was extremely small, however we managed.

We settled for a contemporary 1700 square foot house by the lake and these are a few things I am looking forward to sharing with you.

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My passion for baking.

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Getting the courage to dive into DIY projects.

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And photos by the lake.

You can only wonder what I have ahead of me this weekend. Whatever you are doing this weekend I hope it includes doing less work then I will be doing.

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