DSC 25321 1024x798 Hosting Essentials
With the holidays coming I always make sure that I have some crafts that I consider hosting essentials: baking twine, jute (natural) twine, doilies, paper straws, tags, a frame for a print for the occasion for the bar cart, some type of herb like rosemary (in this case cinnamon). Using crafts for hosting always adds a nice little touch and makes your guest feel a little more welcomed and shows you put a little thought into the occasion.
DSC 25521 1024x729 Hosting Essentials
For a more casual setting I like to use doilies to wrap the utensils, not only does this add a nice touch, but your guest don’t feel like they have to figure which fork to use over a more proper setting.

DSC 2549 11 1024x681 Hosting Essentials
For a more intimate setting I like to use name tags so that your guest don’t have to figure out where to sit and I like to combine it with some type of herb or cinnamon which works for fall and rosemary for Christmas as the scent gives off a welcoming feel.

DSC 25401 1024x681 Hosting Essentials
Colorful straws fit for the occasion of course and a frame with a print for the occasion for the bar cart always says festivities are happening here! If you don’t have any of these fresh flowers will instantly change the ambiance, however I guarantee you that these crafts will come in handy as they have instantly changed the feel of the occasion from past experiences.

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