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It took me one year to finally find the coffee table that I was wanting and another six months to learn how to style a coffee table. I saw this at Create & Barrel and it was love at first sight but I figured I would look around before I make the investment. Then it went on sale and it was a no brainier!  It has a rustic finish to it’s organic railroad wood the legs are steal giving it an industrial look. I wanted a conversational piece of furniture and since a coffee table is a center piece I knew it had to be unique. Whether your coffee table is a DIY project, thrift store find or a splurge item it’s worth taking the time to decorate and style the way you would any other area of your home.

When considering how to style your coffee table these are your must haves:

  1. Tray  this will automatically make your table organized and it will give it an effortless touch as this is where I put my remote control in.
  2. Candles to add ambiance and possibly add fresh scent to the room.
  3. Books to entertain visitors and the one trick to make any room look polished.
  4. Decorative accents to spark conversation among guests and add interest, I used a amethyst candle that I got in Beijing.
  5. Clock  to complete the coffee table and for guests to conveniently look at the time.
  6. Flowers are my favorite! This adds a homey feel, a welcome to my home, that brightens the room and adds a immediate decor feel.

Make sure not to be in a hurry to purchase items only to get something on your coffee table. Look for pieces that you adore, the books you’ll read time and time again, and the scented candle you’ll find yourself lighting night after night. The books I choose were one’s that had a meaning from my travels to people who inspire me and the history of LA.

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Jo Malone. A favorite candle of mine that I can light night after night.

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Home perfume ( L’Occitane)  my sister gifted me when I first purchased my home.

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Flowers to add a ” Welcome ” feeling

DSC 1267 1024x678 How to style a coffee table

My sister and I admire natural stones and this Amethist candle has sparked up many conversations.

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Clock for convenience

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Books to add an instant decor effect. Thank you for stopping by I hope I made your ” how to style a coffee table” a bit easier for you.

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