DSC 1323 e1398730348941 1024x445 High Waisted Skirt A high waisted skirt has been around for years and their classic style has only recently been popping up everywhere. As hem lengths change with trends you can always rely on a high waisted skirt whether a maxi or like the one above.  The key is to play up our assets or like the photo above give the illusion of curves.  I wanted to go for a casual look on this feminine high waisted skirt since I didn’t want to look over dressed: Ray ban aviators, classic jean jacket, messy hair and a tee took this skirt from over dressed to casually dressed.

I love this type of style because it hits right at your natural waist, which is generally the smallest part of your torso. It also gives the look of a more slender figure hiding the number one problem for most women the ” belly bulge “. Essentially making it the one style all women look great in regardless of your shape.

Sunnies: Rayban| Jacket: Hudson| Tee: J.Crew| Shoes: Cathy Jean| Skirt: Chicks and Blokes. If your in the Pasadena area visit Chicks and Blokes at the Paseo Colorado outside mall. The quality of clothing is great, a bit pricy for not being named brand clothing, but the fit of the clothing fits like a glove. We are excited to share as we will be collaborating with the owner to bring you insight of up-and- coming designers and new emerging boutiques.


DSC 1326 1024x678 High Waisted Skirt

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Signature High Waisted Skirt