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Yes, I have been hiding  a secret from you, but trust me you’re not alone. I recently told my friends and work. I really couldn’t hide the bump anymore. I’m finally embracing my pregnancy!!!!! HOORAY!!!! And I want to scream it to the world. The truth is my husband and I have been avoiding getting pregnant for the past 8 years, we were too focused on other things, travel, career, home. Now that we finally decided to take the next step it happened!! On top of that I did not get any morning sickness, I thought maybe it’s too good to be true and so far thank God everything is going well.  After hearing all those scary pregnancy stories morning sickness etc., I decided to keep my mouth shut until I was secure enough that this dream is a reality.  I also didn’t start showing until I turned 6 months,  once I turned 6 months with in over night I had a belly. Words can’t express how fortunate and happy we are and thank you for all your support and love. I will continue posting as often as I can, as you know this is a big change and we are little busy bees getting everything ready for this little guy.  XOXO!!!

Weeks: 26

Weight gain: last time I checked 18

Cravings: In the first few months loads and loads of vegetables and fruit with lemon.

Gender: Boy

Stretch marks: No

Baby movement:  I know he loves grapes, every time I eat grapes he starts kicking.

Nursery: White, grey and navy blue

CSC 0293 e1378704989388 684x1024 ITS A BOY!!!

CSC 0287 e1378705091788 681x1024 ITS A BOY!!!

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Signature ITS A BOY!!!