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The good old days when I had 15-20 minutes to do my hair are gone for now at least. I really need to cut my hair and I’ve been thinking shoulder length, currently I get out of the shower and leave me hair alone so please excuse the hair from this point on but on the bright side at least I don’t damage it  Jeweled Tones

I’m not at my pre-pregnancy weight as of yet and this style of pants came at the perfect time. Their fun and they are the most comfortable pants I have ever worn okay okay besides PJ’s of course and they have such a cool vibe, wear them with a blazer and it will transform into a polished get-up, I opted for a preppy look as this Cali girl was a bit cold and wanted an extra layer. Take a peek !

Button up: Ralph Lauren| Sweater: Ann Taylor| Pants: Zara| Shoes: Target| Sunnies: Prada| Purse: Pour La Victoire

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Signature Jeweled Tones