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    The Keeneland race course was better than I expected, the historic venue was lush green with ivy-covered grounds. I didn’t know what to expect since I had never attended a horse race before, but after this experience I am sure I will be returning, only I should probably purchase a book on horse races for dummies, however the staff was very helpful, there was a booth dedicated for helping you place your bets, of course I didn’t win, better luck next time (I was really hoping for beginners luck). I have never consistently followed sports, maybe because I haven’t found any to be appealing, not to sound pretentious, I have a hard time with physical contact in general, that goes for movies as well, I don’t like anything with gory violence. I’m hoping to be able to attend more horse races in the future, anytime style is involved, I’m all in, everyone there was dressed to the nine which made the venue look 100 times better.

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