My first family outing just 10 days after birth was at one of my favorite cupcake shops, it was a no brainier  I needed to have something sweet with a relaxing whimsical atmosphere too. Here is my modern day pram, I really wanted the original London pram but after reading all the maintenance I said no thank you. So I went with this UppaBaby Vista and it does the trick, it’s sleek, stylish and practical too.  Baby was sound asleep and my doggie below was out on the look out and I was on my second cupcake 🙂

DSC 0086 1024x678 Mondern Mom Monday

DSC 0087 1024x678 Mondern Mom Monday  DSC 0093 1024x678 Mondern Mom Monday

Sophie being her usual self on guard mode. Can you see my babies hand and nose?

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