liebster award2 Libster award: Q&A

We have the honor of being selected for the Libster award nominated by Sparkly Pink Lemons who is one of our good blogging friends. Thank you hon!!

Here it goes……


1. What is your favorite part of being a mom?

I love how dependent he is on me. I love making homemade videos and sending them to daddy throughout the day. I love organizing his room. I love how he looks into my eyes when I bathe him and I love how beautiful and special he makes me feel.


2. If you could go anywhere in the world (expense-free!), where would you go?

for now Brazil


3. When and why did you start your blog?  And do your friends and family know about it?

I started to blog to become closer to my sister who lives in another state we chat about our lives, work,  fashion and fun. Yes, all of our cousins follow us.


4. What is your most memorable activity you have experienced with your baby?

It was the perfect timing the perfect moment and unexpected. I was taping a video to send to daddy and I asked Myles ” what do you want to say to daddy”? And he gave me the biggest smile and giggled!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I couldn’t believe it!!  PRICELESS I have seen this video countless times. P.S. Daddy said it made his week. BTW Myles is two months.


5. What is your most prized possession?

Not really my possession but they are my prize, my gift from God…….My little family. 


6. If you could give your pre-baby self (when you were pregnant) advice, what would it be?


Don’t always depend on your Dr. or any other people, go with your gut feeling after all you are the one who is with your baby every second of the day, you know him/her better than anyone else.


7. How do you work to feel confident in your postpartum body?  What’s your fitness routine?


Oh did you really have to ask that question!!! ha! j/k. Okay here it goes, up until the past two weeks I haven’t been too confident in how I feel physically. I still have 13 pounds to lose to be at my pre-pregnancy weight but I really haven’t tried to lose it either. I know myself and once I decide enough is enough I will have no problem staying focused on losing it. I really don’t know what’s stopping me….


8. What websites or apps do you use a lot?


The Bump, Instagram, Pinterest and Poshmark.


9. Who is your inspiration?


My father, mother, sisters, brother, friends, husband, my son and God.


10. What is the first thing you do in the morning?


Gotta agree with Priscilla,  look at the clock 🙁


Thank you lovelies for reading and stopping by.

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