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The conference kicked off by the one and only Eva Chenn, Editor in Chief for Lucky Magazine, as she spoke about how women should celebrate and inspire other women and always know your core, soul, and most important yourself. Here Eve is interviewing Nicole Richie in how she balances her business, family and “me” time.  Nicole mentioned she has a small group of people who she surrounds herself with who are positive and bring the best out of her. The way she spends “me” time is hanging out with friends, dining out or shopping plus she also enjoys gardening.  I was pretty shocked at this comment as she practically has whole foods in her back yard which encompasses about 15 different fruit trees and herbs go Nicole! Now for the fashion! Nicole said something that struck me “if you haven’t looked back at old photos and said what was I thinking” you haven’t really evolved. Fashion is ever evolving like the world and it’s about what you like now, have a sense of humor. As we know she has a jewelry line as well and she took the words out of my mouth “it’s all about the layer look.”  The last comment she said after she spoke about her business was happiness is a choice! It’s ongoing and there is constant checking in with yourself, the world is a fast pace always be recreating yourself to continue being happy.

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Here Eve is interviewing the beloved super model Karolína Kurková, oh hello gorgeous! First would like to say this stunning lady was all smiles and laughter as it was like talking to a friend very sweet and candid she was. The million dollar question Eve asked? What staples should we have in our closet? 1) A white button down; 2) pumps in black, nude and white, 3) color and there you have it ladies stick with the classics.


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Another style icon Amiee Song of Aimee of Style was also asked the million dollar question: What staples should every woman have in her closet? 1) Biker jacket and  2) pops of trends. According to Amiee the best high street fashion which happens to be inexpensive is H&M, Zara and Forever21.

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Now meet Wendy from Wendy’s look book. This little lady was a true gem as I had a chance to chat with her over many topics plus she was the sweetest thing ever. She also was the most passionate and business oriented person on the panel plus she really inspired me to have more of a business point of view and not to mention her style is pristine!

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Little treats I’m a sucker for you.

I failed you friends I forgot to take pictures of the grand buffet I was about to pass out I was too busy scarfing down my food and forgot to take a pictures, sorry ladies maybe next time.

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Could I live in this candy display?

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Pretty flowers everywhere! Oh hello white tufted coaches can I take you home?

DSC 1071 1024x678 Luck Fabb: Day 1 part 2Shrimp injected with cocktail sauce. Take a bite squeeze the tube and you’ll be whisked to shrimp heaven.

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One Prosecco for this little lady please. More tomorrow stay tuned!

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