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The event was at the SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills. I’m not sure if Lucky Magazine rented out the entire hotel, but is sure seemed like they did, every corner I turned it was either you needed a Lucky Fabb pass or my wrist band was enough so let’s get started shall we?

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The event started from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm we waited in line for 30 minutes checked in and then they rolled out the red carpet, bring on the champs!

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I truly was honored and blessed to be included in an event of highly motivated entrepreneurial women I look up to. Immediately upon entry there was a row of beauticians giving expert advice and free giveaways, let’s be honest, I really felt I was important for 5 minutes and after caring for my babes I was defiantly excited to get pampered. Here I am getting tips from a celebrity make-up artist. She gave tips on highlighting and contouring  and what works best for me and how to use numbers and letters to apply make-up ? Numbers and letters?!! Pretty interesting huh? More about that in a latter post.

DSC 1048 1024x678 Lucky Fabb: Day OneHow gorgeous are these flower arrangements? They were strategically placed all around the venue I think the little Parisian girl came out of me hahah. The venue had a modern romantic feel thanks to these beauties I felt chic and sophisticated yet ready to listen like a student ha!. I wanted to take home every flower arrangement forget the make-up. Two for me please!

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Hair courtesy of Blow me away dry bar and make-up tips by P&G beauty with a bag full of beauty goodies. Stay tuned tomorrow we will be diving in with a live Q&A from major fashion icons and Editor in Chief Eva Chenn for Lucky magazine.








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