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Myles is 3 months the feeling is bitter-sweet, sweet because  I get to stay home with him for the next three months, bitter because I have to go back to work.

Good news is I found a babysitter near my home recommended by a family member. So where should I start? Before I had a baby I thought the cutest and best age for baby’s was six months, now I tell myself what was I thinking? I have realize every age is  magical right now he is laughing and smiling at anyone who starts smiling and talking to him,  he even makes a crackling noise getting ready to giggle, he screams when he’s overly excited as if he doesn’t know what to do with the extra amount of energy from smiling too much.   As far as health everything is looking good!  Lastly, we headed to visit my folks three hours away,  I figured he would be fussy the entire trip but he turned out to be a champ! The only issue right now is putting him to sleep it takes me about 1 or so to put him to bed for the night  but when he finally goes to bed he sleeps all night, the funny thing is during the day I can put him to bed within 15 minutes. I’m sensing he’s caught on and knows  it’s officially time for bed so he fights  it like a five-year old would do, but he’s only 3 months that’s the interesting part! If you have any tricks please send them my way. I hope you enjoy glimpses of my little man.

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