Hi friends!

Happy Monday!

I believe I mentioned I’m the maid of honor for one of my amazing friends Vanessa Riconose! She is a wonderful beautiful person she’s ambitious, hard-working and intellectual. All I can remember about her growing up, by the way, we’ve known each-other 16 years!! Is  going from ballet practice to cheer leading practice to school. This woman was always on the go, I admire her so dearly not only because she is an amazing friend but because she is a well-rounded person who loves her faith, family and friends! She now is officially a marriage and family counselor Congratulations mi amiga!!  She and her Fiance Tamarr met at his Dance Studio in Santa Barbara, he’s a well-known Choreographer in SB, if your familiar with that area you know who ” Tamarr Paul ” is.  As I told her, the ingredients for a successful marriage: a whole lot of love, a dash of spice and lots of answers to “What’s for dinner? I wish them a happy and beautiful future together. Congratulations my friends!!
By the way I’m hosting her Bridal Shower at Andersen’s. It’s a Tea Party theme, I can’t wait to share some fun and exciting photos.

 Maid of Honor

My lovely Best Friend Vanessa Riconose.

 Maid of HonorNessa saying hi to my Kobe

 Maid of HonorGetting ready for dinner at Perch, we had a blast! Food was great! I recommend :  Truffle French Fries $11
fries tossed w/ truffle oil, shaved truffle cheese & herbed aioli
, Buffalo Frogs Legs $10
buttermilk marinated frogs legs tossed in our house made buffalo sauce w/ blue cheese sauce
,Perch Charcuterie $16
daily selection of three cured meats & accompaniments,
Sautéed Chilean Seabass $31
mashed potato & smoked mussel-black trumpet cream
, and MY FAVORITE!!! Caviar Salmon $29
lemon thyme risotto, caviar & chive maderia cream

 Maid of HonorThe besties!

Signature Maid of Honor