DSC 2866 1024x681 Mascara Madness

Mascara Madness is one week away, one of our favorite cosmetic events at Nordstrom! Buy any two mascara and get one free at equal value or less. The best thing is that you can mix and match from all your favorite mascara or if you are eager to try a new mascara and you are like us hate to pay for something you may not like, this is the perfect opportunity to select it for free!

Kathy Michaels is only a phone call away at Nordstrom Partridge Creek at the Chanel counter.  Kathy is always very helpful, will make sure that you are satisfied with your selections, or make suggestions per your requests on what you are looking for, volume, length or fullness. Kathy is an expert and passionate about Chanel (our favorite mascara Le Volume) products and knowledgeable of other brands as well. Trust us you won’t be disappointed with her service and of course her kindness.

Don’t miss out and pre-order today while supplies are limited!

Signature Mascara Madness