DSC 05101 680x1024 Mod in MulesMules have made a comeback this season (a shoe favored by the lovely Carrie Bradshaw) and they are something you will want to slip into as they are now better then ever get them in a fun print, chunky heel or a sleek stiletto. I opted for a leopard print as it is such a neutral print and goes well with everything.
DSC 05131 680x1024 Mod in Mules
DSC 05181 680x1024 Mod in Mules
DSC 05111 2 1024x870 Mod in Mules
DSC 05321 680x1024 Mod in Mules

Ray Ban Aviator, Truth & Pride jacket (similar here) essentjewels horn necklace, Costa Blanca pants (similar here) Prada Mules old, DKNY Bag

Signature Mod in Mules