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Here are a few unfinished pictures of Myles’ nursery I still have a lot of things to do. I don’t know what I was thinking when I thought to my self I can finish it when I have him,WRONG!!! Things have recently gotten a lot better and it has to with my little man sleeping through out most of the night but during the day it’s a different story, but at least I’m able to get my sleep to entertain him during the day. Getting  my sleep has brought my personality back to life. He naps here and there but no longer then 20-30 minutes because I have the  T.V, music and etc in the back ground, he does sleep once a day for about 3 hours consistently but he is still able to sleep through the night while only waking up once. I must say I have a really great pediatrician as she advised me on what to do and viola its working! As far as myself, as a person I have become very emotional mainly when it comes to him, I probably cried 4 times last week on how happy and complete I am. Just imagine a Lioness protecting her cubs as any mother we only want the best for our children. In this short time that we’ve had together he has changed me so much,  you see I have a severe type A personality. Things have to get done! I have a to due list with me at all times, it’s black or white no grey and there are no if’s or but’s  just do it! But I’ve learned to be more accepting when things go wrong and not according to the itinerary and at the end of the day the only thing that matters is my faith and family okay okay maybe fashion too.

Myles personality: He loves baby oil massages (about 1 hour massages or so twice a day) He loves listening to Jesus music for baby’s and he lOVES his room.

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Here’s my little bambino just got out of the shower and finished his daily massage now he’s ready for bed. His crib is currently being used as a storage as he sleeps in a bassinet, hopefully next month I’ll be training him to sleep in his big boy bed:)

All items purchased at Target, Pottery Barn Kids and Ikea.


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