First I would like to apologies for the long absence in blogging, my life really got the best of me, of course in a positive light. In the picture below  I am seconds after delivering my baby Myles Christian, his name means a gift from God. Thank God my labor and delivery went exactly how I planned. I labored at home until I was 8 cm while checking off a list I had my husband complete, believe it or not I was giving my husband a few tasks to complete while laboring. It was seriously comedy now that I think about it. Picture me with a list of everyday to-do tasks, getting contractions every 2 minutes and once the contraction went away I would burst out :”Honey did you do what asked you to do?” Just to make sure I would go see if it was done correctly (I know I’m a little crazy). I did this process  every 2 minutes for 1 hour and this is what truly kept me focused, funny but very true.  The aftermath of coming home and trying to do the one thing I was meant to do is breastfeed has been very challenging with fevers every other day. On the bright side, Myles has blessed us with his presence, I still can’t believe I waited this long to have a child, God willing we plan on another when he is 10 months a lil crazy eh? 🙂 He has truly filled our hearts with joy, he has officially completed me.  I hope I didn’t bore you it’s 3:oo am and I’m extremely exhausted,  until tomorrow friends!

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I was a little upset they were going to take my baby away with in seconds of birth.


CSC 0365 1024x682 Modern Mom MondaysIn the arms of my husbands mother at two weeks.

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One of my amazing friends who lives 2 hours away couldn’t wait to meet Myles, we agreed we would meet sometime in March for our Birthdays, clearly she couldn’t wait.

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Myles’ first time at church with my parents and honey.

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