Good morning, good afternoon depending where you are Jewels,

I (Monica) have to be honest, I am not much of a spring, summer gal. I enjoy wearing wool, cashmere, coats, scarves, etc., and I love neutrals, with splashes of colors here and there, dark nail polish, and one that I am really enjoying these days yellow.

I am looking forward to wearing neutrals this fall, prints, mixing prints of course, boots and scarves.

And my inspiration this year is from the Burberry Fall 2012 London/Fashion week, by all means I own one Burberry scarf, in not so much of their recognizable pattern, however I can work with what I have in my closet which we all so-called fashion bloggers do.

burberry2 400x600 Neutrals

burberry4 400x600 Neutrals burberry6 400x600 Neutrals

burberry8 400x600 Neutrals

burberry10 400x600 Neutrals

burberry12 400x600 Neutrals

Loving the doggy on this last blouse.

Signature Neutrals