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What do you always have on hand when unexpected guess come over? Since my husband and I can’t live without prosciutto we always have it on hand. While in Italy we had it on pizza of course. In Italy they would wrap the prosciutto around a slice of melon and this was almost all Italian menu’s in the appetizer section, surprisingly it was delicious. Here I paired it with fresh blueberries and truffle cheese also a main ingredient in Italy.DSC 0412 1024x678 Go to Appetizer

This honey is the best of the best among the lush hills of Tuscany, Il Forteto gathers its premium honey made from nectar collected from spring-blossoming Acacia trees, resulting in pure, clear, honey. Drizzle this over a slice of  Tuscan Pecorino, piece of Gorgonzola or in my case truffle honey and you’re in for gourmet heaven. The sweetness is a perfect balance to the tang of these and other salted cheeses. It’s thick in texture and has a distinct balanced flavor. DSC 0413 1024x678 Go to Appetizer

Is just me or do I see a happy face?

In the past I used to have crackers on hand for little appetizer, but ever since I was introduced to these wafer crackers I have never turned back. They make a huge difference and don’t overwhelm the star ingredient which in this case it’s the cheese. Their light and airy, the bad part is you can have 10  in no time.

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Would you care for a bite! Cheers friends!!

All ingredients were purchased at Bristol Farms. You can also find these ingredients at Whole Foods.

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