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As much as I like to color block I like to mix prints, only I like mixing three prints at a time or three colors.
dsc04587 Purring in Stripes
dsc04592 Purring in Stripes
dsc04593 Purring in Stripes
dsc04597 5 Purring in Stripes

I love this time of the year when the leaves are transitioning and the weather is cooler making it perfect for different textures of clothing, while I love summer clothes is much more limited and mainly consisting of cotton and silk.

Wayfarer: Ray Ban, turquoise earrings essentjewels, striped blouse J.Crew, belt J.Crew, bag Burberry, leopard skirt Rachel Roy, forest green Loafers Gucci, polish essie no more film

Signature Purring in Stripes