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Lately,  I’ve been looking at a few pictures of my travels with my husband and I thank God for allowing me every opportunity to travel and come home safe. I never was one to imagine of how big my wedding would be, how big my house would be all I wanted to do is be free from any responsibility. I knew one day when I was ready to settle down and live the American dream and become the woman I was raised to be I would be so content with myself knowing I was selfish in a way of not settling for anything that I didn’t want. Fast forward three years later I write here, very blessed in the woman I have become through my experiences, dedication, my parents and always fighting for what I wanted.

I hope you enjoy my pictures in 2006. Have a fun productive Monday friends!

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South Spain 266 Marbella, Spain  South Spain 269 Marbella, Spain

South Spain 044 1024x768 Marbella, Spain

When I fell in love with Jamon Serrano.

South Spain 268 Marbella, Spain

The homemade Spanish Paella I learned to make.

South Spain 174 Marbella, Spain

Signature Marbella, Spain