M 1 1 1024x681 Simple Low Calorie Margarita
This simple low calorie Margarita is super easy to make, but looks like you put some love into it so that your guest feel extra special when you serve it.
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The essentials:

  1. Silver Patron Tequila
  2. Lime or lemon to apply to the rim of the glass so that the salt stays
  3. One coffee filter to use for the salt
  4. Grapefruit La Croix
  5. A stirring stick
  6. A Jigger to measure the alcohol
  7. Ice
  8. Glasses
  9. Pink Himalayan Salt
  10. Rosemary for garnish

Cut the lime or lemon and it apply to the rim of the glass, pour some salt to the coffee filter and put the glass face down into the coffee filter to gather the salt. Add ice to the glass and use the jigger to measure the alcohol (I poured two shots, but one shot is sufficient, keep in mind patron is very smooth so two will probably creep up on you even when you think that it is too smooth for that to happen), pour some La Croix, stir with the stirring stick and add the rosemary for garnish which gives it the perfect touch.


Signature Simple Low Calorie Margarita