DSC 0405 e1379477918520 680x10241 Summer Sadness
Summer came and went which is usually the case for this season and I kid you not I have lived in what I call my summer uniform all season long only I usually wear espadrillas with this get-up.
DSC 04042 e1379515538533 680x1024 Summer Sadness

DSC 0411 1 1024x975 Summer Sadness
DSC 0407 e1379478213816 680x1024 Summer Sadness
DSC 0409 867x1024 Summer Sadness
Ray Ban Aviators, DKNY Chambray (similar here) Level 99 Shorts, Louis Vuitton Wilshire Bag, L.A.M.B. Heels (love these)

Signature Summer Sadness