Jewelry is more than just an accessory – it’s an expression of a woman’s individual style and personality. Every intricate piece reflects and symbolises who you are as a person.
So what exactly do our jewelry choices say about us? Take a look at this breakdown to see just how much your jewelry selection reveals the inner you:

1) Delicate jewelry
Women who wear dainty jewelry are confident and not preoccupied with their appearance. They prefer items that accentuate unnamed 1 What Your Jewelry Says About Youtheir style, but do not define it. Simple yet elegant chains and subtle pendants signify this woman’s unique identity.
Her pieces often have a sentimental value – a subtle reminder of what is important in this strong woman’s life.

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2) Layers
Those who prefer to build a statement, layered effect are bold and creative. Their enthusiasm for expression means that they have not one single piece that they would class as their favourite, but a multitude of artistic items that represent their dynamic personality. As the famous saying goes: the more, the merrier!

Long chained necklaces and contrasting textures are a great way to tailor this layered effect.
reminder of what is important in this strong woman’s life.
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3) Big earrings
Show-stopping statement earrings are the preferred item of a sophisticated and elegant woman. She chooses a signature pair of chandelier earrings to represent her iconic look: professional, stylish and graceful. unnamed 5 What Your Jewelry Says About You
Sophisticated fashionistas: take a look at these intricate earring designs, perfect for any occasion!

4) Chunky pendants
Charismatic and independent women choose contemporary and striking pendants to complete their look. Well-travelled and imaginative, they enjoy pieces that reflect their experiences – from a textured slab of turquoise to remind them of a particular holiday, to a polished piece of rose quartz reminiscent of their wedding day.

If you love all things chunky and bold, then this iconic turquoise-stone horn is an essential item for your jewelry box. Brave and unusual, this item will add a stylish kick to any outfit.

unnamed 4 What Your Jewelry Says About You

5) Inspirational jewelry
Women who prefer inspiring pieces are sentimental and have strong principles. They enjoy styles that reflect their values and pieces that stem from strong meaning. Like a post-it note of their favourite quotes and sayings, these philosophical 10 What Your Jewelry Says About Youbeauties love items that help them keep their most precious values close to their heart.

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6) Statement Jewelry
Fiery and proud, the lovers of statement jewelry enjoy standing out from the crowd. Statement- wearers have an eye for colour and unusual designs, and enjoy pieces that add flare to their already quirky style. These dynamic women are always on the lookout for those show-stopping pieces designed to turn heads.

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7) Precious stones
Like the inspirational jewelry lovers, women who like precious stones are sentimental and in touch with their emotions. However, they are also dreamers; they believe in the impossible and never lose hope. Tranquil and noble, they make friendships for life and choose jewelry that reflects their earthy and grounded values.

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8) Rings
Assertive and organised, ring wearers know exactly what they want and how to get it. They like to keep an eye on things – which is why they place all their precious jewelry where they can see it! However, ring lovers are also passionate – there is something intricately romantic about having a ring on one’s finger – with the circular design symbolising something that will be treasured for eternity.

If you want to put a ring on it then check out these beautiful gold-plated rings made of druzy stone – a delicate accompaniment for any stylish woman.

9) Big chains
Independent and adventurous, the woman who sports the big chains is not afraid to break conventions and wear what she wants. She’s edgy and exciting, and her taste in fashion reflects her desire to experiment with life.

Thrill seekers – check out this daring gold chain necklace, complete with rough cut crystal quartz and hints of pearls. unnamed 3 What Your Jewelry Says About YouPerfect for putting your look right on the edge.

10) Fine Jewelry
Women who enjoy expensive jewelry are grounded and self-assured; they know exactly who they are and value meaningful jewelry that can be treasured for years to come. Quality, not quantity, is a lifestyle choice that they are proud to follow, and they prefer a unique selection of premium pieces rather than an abundance of mediocre designs.

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So there you have it: a complete breakdown of exactly what your jewelry says about you. Did anything take you by surprise? And did we leave anything out? Let us know!

Author Bio: Samantha Bradshaw is a UK journalism graduate, currently indulging her passion for jewelry through her work at Pravins luxury London jewellers .She’s a lover of premium brands, and hopes to one day own a Mulberry.

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