419Zm7kHsNL Add a Little Edge to Your Overall Look with Alluring Septum Rings

So, you consider yourself to be an edgy individual. This means you are always in the lookout of upgrading your appearance. Isn’t it the reality? If this is the case, then adventurous piercing would be your cup of tea. The raging fashion trend of alluring septum rings is something that you can try out. It is a one-of-a-kind piercing that will help you in displaying your style with composure and flamboyance. More and more individuals are going for beautiful and trendy septum rings because they offer a chance to add a bit of edge to their overall appearance.
Size is Something that Matters
Septum rings are gaining massive popularity in the new world of style. They are considered perfect choices of body art for individuals who want to hide their piercings. The size of this jewelry can have a significant effect on your face. It will help you create different types of appearances, starting from innocent and sweet to hardcore and bad-ass. How you use it for upgrading your appearance is something you need to decide.
Create Subtle Attraction with Small Gauge Septum Rings
Septum piercings and their gauges can be attention-grabbing and subtle. You have the option of going for small septum piercings that will fit smaller rings with an 18 gauge. In this category, the rounded barbells look quite subtle and even shimmer in light for adding an excellent flavor to any style. Or you even have the option of starting with a larger piercing.
Create Exotic Appeal with a Larger Gauge
The 16 gauge larger piercing is one right way to start if you have plans of going for even larger gauges in the near future. It will help you in creating a gothic chic or rock-star appeal.
Add a Bit of Character to Your Appearance with Simple Barbells
Choosing the right type of septum ring is quite remarkable. You should make it a point to go for rings that will match and even lend some charm to the shape of your face. Septum rings go very well with thick or dark-framed glasses. It goes especially for people with oval or heart-shaped faces. Yet again, you have the option of going for curved barbells that match almost any style very easily. They lend a hint of intriguing character to the overall appearance of an individual. Simple barbells like hipsters and emos would be a great choice.
Meaningful and Winged
Septum rings are available in varied forms, starting from gold to silver to bright rainbow and black colors. The winged ring or piercing is a minuscule heart featuring wings. This type of ring is for girls with styles reflecting freedom and love. Also, keep in mind, making your choice between silver and gold can change your appearance completely.

Septum rings with deep-colored precious gems are also considered to work wonders for the look of an individual. These rings complement any style, making a person ready for all occasions, be it formal or casual. The pain of going for a septum piercing is always worth the beauty you get to don.

Signature Add a Little Edge to Your Overall Look with Alluring Septum Rings