DSC 18511 1024x680 The Little Things
It’s been well over a month since my trip to Mexico, but I am glad the souvenirs that I purchased displayed around my home have left fond memories of my trip with hopes to return soon. I love how these cup coasters of Frida Kahlo also work as art. I’m a sucker for items that have more than one functionality especially when it can also be used as art.
DSC 18481 1024x731 The Little Things
The cutest elephant key chain that I ever did see.

DSC 18541 1024x1020 The Little Things
A bright bag to use for grocery shopping (I try to do my part by helping to preserve earth).

DSC 18591 1024x680 The Little Things
The perfect date night skirt by: Hale Bob

DSC 18561 1024x617 The Little Things
And the perfect little pineapple tray to display little treats for when guest come over being that pineapples signify hospitality.

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