DSC 20901 1024x671 The Little Things
As we always say it’s the little things that make us smile which is why I continue to shop at Nordstrom for my Chanel essentials with Kathy Michaels. Kathy always makes sure to shower you with gifts and a thank you card she’s only a phone call away at Nordstrom Partridge Creek friends.
DSC 212311 1024x680 The Little Things
We women can never have enough flowers in the house.

124 1024x620 The Little Things
This is what you must eat in heaven on a daily basis chocolate, macrons and Middle Eastern sweets: Shatila Bakery

DSC 20401 1024x680 The Little Things
A goose on my neighbor’s awning saying hello.

DSC 21311 1024x680 The Little Things
Love entering and leaving my home to this door matt: Pottery Barn

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