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girl kicking water3 Tips for Work Outfits to Wear this Summer

Everyone loves summers and the best things about it are: beaches, sand and getaways! But as happy as you are for those warm temperatures on the weekend, Monday arrives, you find yourself dreading around your wardrobe what to wear?

There are a variety of styles that are perfect for this occasion. An elegant sleeveless, tea-length dress is an eye-catching option for a dinner with your boyfriend or husband. But, dressing for office during the summer months is daunting and challenging, no matter if you work in a creative, cool or casual environment. TAs the temperature rises, the very thought of your starched button-ups, wool dress pants, cardigan sweaters – makes you start to sweat. The alternatives – shorts, tank tops, sun dresses seems to be “office inappropriate.”

So, to help you make the seasonal transition in style, here are some of the ideas that are both summer-ready and comfort-style. With bright colors, plenty of whites, bold patterns, and a few silhouettes, you’ll be ready to face summer work days in style. Think of cropped pants, a sleek vest, and cool new cotton scarf to take you into the boardroom in style – because really, you have no business wearing that flannel suit in the 45-degree heat.

We are seeing more and more offices are adopting more casual approach to work wear, which is great, but that doesn’t mean that we should discard traditional rules out of the window. Even if you work in a cool, creative environment, a level of decorousness should be maintained sartorially.

Black pink pleated midi Tips for Work Outfits to Wear this Summer

Looking for easy inspiration? Here are some effortless and engaging work-friendly summer styles that are comfortable and easy to wear, saving us more time and energy to enjoy the season to its fullest. So, just relax and enjoy!

  1. Instead of basic black, play with lighter hues that are in season like powder blue, blush and pale pink. Navy and khaki are also perfect for work and a nice break from black.
  2. You can also layer neutrals like ivory, gray or blush for a more chic appearance and -perhaps when it comes to sweltering commute – cool.
  3. Summer is the perfect time to break out your boldest, brightest, and most neon attire. If you’re going for light color – opt for pops of color in your accessories.
  4. Florals are a summertime staple. From bright and bold to super subtle, they are incredibly beautiful for office attire.
  5. Floral seems too tame? Choose bold patterns like tribal , gingham or abstract to keep the silhouette of your pieces classic (like a pencil skirt or shift dress) and you’ll be office appropriate.
  6.  Summers is the perfect time to try brighter, bolder patterns. You can also go for florals and stripes. Try using other prints too – like polka dots, paisley, and tribal prints.
  7. Use light, airy layers to cover up – without the weight of cardigan or blazer as they can be a lifesaver from hot summer temperatures.
  8. If you’re a CEO , lawyer or work within a core corporate environment you’ll be well aware of what is appropriate and what isn’t. you can have fun with summer trends with the color and texture for the corporate office.
  9. White is also perfect for summer, but what you wear underneath? White lacy bra might be the best for weekends. Go for smooth nude undergarments instead as nude doesn’t look odd under snow white.
  10.  If your workplace is little more chilled, save the playsuits for Saturdays and Sundays.
  11. Avoid strapless for the office as they doesn’t seem appropriate, and also beware of shoe-string straps. If you have a single or slip dress, or a camisole you want to wear, its better to layer it with a chic blazer.
  12. If not cap sleeves or long sleeves, go for thicker straps. Fabrics like cotton and silk are great in summer as they are breathe and lightweight.
  13. Shorts and minis should be reserved for the weekends. No matter the trend or item, too much skin is not a good look in a professional environment.
  14.  When its a need to dress more conservatively – infuse some summertime lightness into your outfit choices. Try loose blouses, cropped pants, and sleeveless silhouettes.
  15. Knee-length skirts with blouses are perfect for the office. These can be accessorized with hair bends with flowers and ribbons.

The secret behind feeling comfortable in summers is wearing the right materials. No matter how hot it gets outside, see-through materials have never been a good idea in the office. Before transforming your wardrobe according to the aforementioned tips, make sure you fully understand the dress code of your company. Summer can be a great time to express your creative fashionista side, but it is important to maintain professionalism on the job.

This summers unleash your chic side with great summer outfits at workplace. The possibilities are endless!

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Signature Tips for Work Outfits to Wear this Summer