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How did everyone spend their last few days of summer? We celebrated at one of my favorite spots: Glen Ivy. It was the perfect way to end the summer, not to mention we were past due for some R&R. The weather was perfect (84 degrees) we finally got a break from the heat wave here in L.A.

I’m also super excited  for my two baby showers coming up and I’m thrilled to share all the memories and photos of my friends and family, one is back home in the central coast and the other is here in L.A. with my husband’s family. Again thank you all for all the lovely comments, my pregnancy has been amazing everyone has been treating me with such care whether at the grocery store or just on a brisk walk. XOXO..

P.S. I’m still undecided about the color for the crib, but thank you for the tips. Oh yes!! At least the car hunt is over  phew!!! We finally got a car, on to the next project of the never-ending evolving life.

photo8 e1379911884332 768x1024 Weekend Recap: R&RGetting ready for yoga. This was my first yoga class that I was able to last one hour, maybe it was the ambiance or maybe because my husband was there. If it was up to me I would have taken a kick boxing or spinning class. According to my doctor I have a sever type A personality sometimes it’s a blessing and other times it’s a curse, but I always look at things on the bright side.  If you haven’t taken a spinning class I highly recommend it, you’ll feel like a new person.

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Guess who’s 7 months?? ME!!!!

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Signature Weekend Recap: R&R